The project is based on the inventory of needs described in the previous PARTES partnership project and TESS TOI project. It exploits an existing methodology: TESS-TT (the English Speaking Sportsperson for Table Tennis).

TESS-TT is a multimedia, interactive on-line tool, meeting the needs of Table Tennis in TLES. It appears in the form of a metro line. It was built in partnership with the INSEP and the FFTT (French Table Tennis Federation). A line contains 25 stations, 15 stations specific to Table Tennis and 10 general stations common to all the sports. In every station a theme can be found which corresponds to the use of English in a particular situation,

Every station offers 3 concrete situations filmed in English, with the possibility of seeing subtitles in English and/or in French. Every video has its own specific exercises (role play, dictation, quiz) prepared from the elements of the video, which helps to assimilate the specific vocabulary. Every station contains a grammar lesson, available in English and in French, to which are added exercises relative to sports in general.

For the transfer towards other sports, the TESS-TT tool together with two subsequent tools for Basketball and Volleyball that is obtained in TESS Project will be used for the methodology as well as for its structure (lines, stations, structure of the exercises by station, grammar, etc.). TESS-TT Tool together with TESS- Basketball and TESS-Volleyball is already translated into German, Hungarian, Portuguesa and Bulgarian Languages. Thus, finally, to transfer the methodology to Turkey, these tools will be translated into Turkish and the newly created products in TENG-SPORTS Handball and Athletics together with the previous ones will be translated into the 4 cited languages (Turkish, Hungarian, German and French).

The fact of taking this tool as a base of the project comes from an educational and methodological choice. The teaching pedagogy by means of the video, by getting closer to real situations (shooting live, shooting on the training scene, with sports professionals, etc.) is one of the conditions which interests the target public, and facilitates its learning. The fact of putting learners in real situations allows the learner to take a first step: that of interest in the language.

The second step consists in speaking, and is taken during the exercises where the learner listens to a question, records an answer and can listen again, improve pronunciation and listen to a proposed answer. The 3rd step consists in enriching one vocabulary, understanding the grammar by answering the quiz, dictations, exercises and by listening to the recorded vocabulary.

The methods used, by elaborating the methodology in close collaboration with language and sports specialists and by basing itself on an inventory of needs identified within the framework of the previous PARTES and TESS projects, is a choice which allows the needs of the European sports world to be fulfilled in the best possible way. The initial developer of the chosen results (INSEP) is one of the core partners of the current partnership.

The completed process, by transferring TESS-TT, TESS Volleyball and TESS Basketball to Handball and to Athletics, enriches the contents, widens the target public, and at the same time allows for a comparison and a harmonization of practices between the partner countries. The methodology becomes multilingual and is easily transposed into other languages. The contents meet the needs of all the partner countries. The integration of the methodology in a VET in every country assures its use in training institutions. After the completion of the project; TESS-Tool will be enlarged to 5 sports disciplines which will increase the target groups and the possibility of the exploitation.